Tom Hardy

Town Centre Manager

Tom Hardy is responsible for the management and operation of Hitchin BID.

Since March 2018, Tom has worked alongside businesses and local organisations on town centre strategic planning: Developing and implementing a strategic plan for the BID, which includes identifying the goals and objectives of the BID and creating a plan to achieve them. He is responsible for the overall financial management of the company and ensuring the mandated business plan is delivered over the 5-year period.

Tom oversees the Hitchin BID team and ensures high levels of project delivery and sustained stakeholder engagement: Building relationships with property owners, residents, businesses, and other stakeholders within the BID, and working collaboratively to achieve the BID’s goals. He plays a critical role in the success of the BID, by ensuring that it is well-managed and able to achieve its goals of promoting economic development and improving the quality of life within Hitchin Town centre.