Saturday 30th September 2023

Rotary Club Youth Showcase

Market Place, Hitchin
10am- 4pm

Youth associations from the local area come together to showcase their various activities and organisations on the Market Place,

There will also be performances and presentations from groups on the stage area at points throughout the day.

This event has all been brought to you by Rotary Club of Hitchin Tilehouse and North Herts District Council.

Stage Performances

10.00    Rotary

10.20    Poets In

10.40    Everybody loves music

11.00    Up on Downs

11.20    Showtime Circus

11.40    Market Theatre

12.00    Getting Rooted CIC

12.20    Hitchin Youth Brass Band

13.20    Signing Company

13.40    Swords of Penda

14.00    Hitchin Creative

14.20    Stagecoach