Visit Hitchin

Visit Hitchin is a Business Improvement District (BID) that works tirelessly with the Hitchin’s 600+ business owners and managers to create investment and attract visitors to the town.

Visit Hitchin has been established since 2009 working hard to manage the town centre in a more creative and efficient way, applying their internal skills and resources to the external environment around them. Businesses identify additional projects or services that will add value and suggest a level of funding to make them happen.

Each business votes to invest an annual sum according to their size, as determined by the Rateable Value of their property. The funds generated are only used to deliver the proposed improvements and the renewal of a BID requires a majority of votes in favour by both number and by aggregate of the Rateable Value of those voting. The projects any BID carries out are additional to those provided by local agents such as the emergency services and Council.

Visit Hitchin’s goal is for visitors to the town to stay longer, spend more money and return more frequently. Though this, the aim is to maintain the town centre as a clean, safe, vibrant and well promoted environment for the public to enjoy and businesses to proposer.