British Schools Museum

British Schools Museum offer a number of talks on a variety of subjects – enjoy an illustrated talk at the museum including: 

  • The Poor Child’s Friend: Joseph Lancaster’s Educational Revolution.
    The truly remarkable story of a poor boy from the slums of Southwark who sparked an ‘Educational Revolution’ which brought schooling within reach of millions of children around the world.
  • Bringing Dead Street to Life: The British Schools in Hitchin.
    How the British Schools brought hope to the children of the working poor in the yards and alleys around Hitchin’s infamous ‘Dead Street’.
  • Talking in Class: An Oral History of the British Schools in Hitchin.
    The sights, sounds and smells of school life in the early c20th in the words of the pupils and teachers of the British Schools in Hitchin.
  • Life and Legacy: The Remarkable Jill E. Grey.
    Code-breaker, collector, curator, campaigner. Discover the fascinating life and enduring legacy of a true heritage heroine.
  • A School at War: The Hitchin British Schools 1914-1919
    How the Great War affected one small school in one small town. Charting the trials and tribulations of running a school during wartime and the sacrifices made by its former pupils.

Talks can be booked at the Museum or as part of a group visit. 

To book:

01462 240144