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I started VaperBar 5 years ago with the foresight of changing peoples lives from smoking to Vaping. Given that, 5 years ago the industry was just starting up, no one really knew what vaping was about or why it was classed as a healthy alternative. This is still the case, which is why I keep up with the industry trends and changes. I want my customers to have an exceptional customer experience. As such, product knowledge is imperative. For customers to have a full vape experience, they will need to be able to trust the knowledge of the product they are being sold, and walk away fully knowing how to use the product safely. From month 6 of opening VaperBar Hitchin, the shop has gone from strength to strength. We have a continuation of loyal customers and new customers have been coming purely on word of mouth. With that in mind, we have customers returning weekly from 5 years ago to this day.


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